Our Place

Just a reflection of our space, if you’ve not already come by. Hopefully, you like the scenery and step in; or if you already have, come in more often. Yes?

horn ok please

One of our many rides at Bombay Connect

Our place

The Bombay Connect space at Bandra, is a fun and interesting work-space to walk into by itself. Simply carving your way up the stairs, gradually launching into a bunch of fresh and seasoned young nuts from different parts of the world, including India, is a rather exciting venture. The place, without doubt, vibrantly reverberates with not just the warm colours on the surrounding walls and the zestful messages hanging around, but also the warmth of everyone harmoniously co-working in and around the same space.

You could talk to just about anyone, for no particular reason… and that by itself can be the beginning of a wonderful idea — something that the community has been set up for.

 One space in Bombay for people with ideas and passion for change 


our place
… when are we seeing you here? Come by




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