Dimagi’s Sunshiny event on mobile apps

Dimagi recently hosted an event at Bombay Connect, starting the 12th of July, which ran upto the 14th. Here’s an abridgment of the free-for-all introductory day characterised by mind-opening discussion.

dimagi event 1

“This event is still on, rain or shine!
See you soon.”

–  Facebook post, Mohnini Bhavsar (Senior Field Manager, Dimagi)

That is what spurred on the spirits at Bombay Connect, to make sure that the event did not get drained out while the rains washed off the city. And this solidarity reflected in Dimagis (the host of the event) efforts to ensure that all was ready and nothing was allowed to interfere with their presentation – focused around building mobile apps as smart solutions to provide better means for improved community living and manifesting a positive social impact.

CommCare, a tool that allows Community Health Workers (CHW) to manage and organise all their cases and data at hand while eliminating piled-up paperwork, was at the centre of the exposition. A few representatives and integral workers from Sneha Centre provided not just an overview of the instrument, but also gave in more than just a few insights from an insider’s perspective of operating and implementing the mobile service.

snapshot from the event

snapshot from the event

Aimed at providing the participants with the nuances required to develope their very own app, from the standpoint of being able to create a tool that facilitates easy and smooth access to otherwise tedious and monotonous processes, the workshop focused on facilitating accomplices with the necessary and relevant know-how and skill.

Largely directed towards the NGO and social sector, empowering social organisations with this tool was the central idea of the entire session. And there were, indeed, many-a-representatives ranged across a wide spectrum of non-profit organisations present.

At the end, on the 14th of July, when the entire workshop ends, some progressive participants and ideas can be expected to be rising out of the Bombay Connect space.


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