Like batman, like Mohan

Every space needs its own guardian, one that is available on call to right the wrong and keep things right otherwise… So, here’s to our very own and dear Mohan.

A tricky day, particularly in Bombay, could be one when the city’s flooded with the rains, or the taxis and autos are on strike, or simply your train’s too goddamn crowded and you perhaps even manage to lose a chappal (sandal) in there… or even worse if it all happens together, which is quite possible too.


At Bombay Connect though, things can be difficult on a day without Mohan – especially when the printer puts up a mood and stops working and no one is able to bring it back to respire. That is exactly how it was on a Thursday morning, yesterday, when imprinting word on paper was a slightly tedious task and our saviour was not around to save the day.

But anyhow, yesterday got over yesterday. And our dark knight is back to fix the space in no time – with or without his superhero mask on. We could gift him one though…

P.s Thank you, Mohan.


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