legooOBAAT — One Block At A Time.

Hi. We thought it’s a good time to spark some inspiration and fire-up your ‘start-up’ instinct – as good as any time, isn’t it? So here’s one of the best stories ever in our world.

LEGO — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdDU_BBJW9Y

They’ve come a long way since they started.

You too may have just started. Things might be looking a little different right now than you may have wanted it to look. But looking at things that little differently is what you need, anyway, isn’t it?

You may not be knowing where you are going to land. But that must not stop you from taking off, right?

A ‘start-up’ signifies starting out… it means ‘beginning’. The purpose of a beginning is to begin, simply – that’s it. Which means that any such endeavour is only a process of growing – much like evolution – isn’t it, again?

All you do is put the blocks together, one after the other, bit by bit – And in  the process you will have built something. Like a Lego house

Even if you crash-land, that’s perfectly fine. You will have flown and seen things that you would never have, and in a way that you never did before.

So, to all the start-up fellows there, thanks for showing the way. Sail on.


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