A journey really well-made

UnLtd USA (post 2)

Hello, everyone in there. How’re you’ll doing?

If you all remember, we had made a post some time back about UnLtd USA embarking on their month-long journey to meet over 120 social entrepreneurs and put on 8 popup bootcamps in cities from coast to coast, through the US. (A post made on the 27th of July, 2013, titled as COAST TO COAST, ON A NEW ROAD – USA)

This road-trip, one that began with the support of 149 beautiful people who reached out their support to raise the $10,000 needed to realise this endeavour,  has been rather exciting with encouraging activity  and opportunity unfolding about it.

Huffington post too got a taste of it, at the very beginning, and decided to spread the aroma. Moving across different states such as California, Louisiana, South Carolina  and so on, the movement only picked up with greater content, ideas and inspiration, and more people to add charisma to this journey.

Ranging across various aspects of social entrepreneurship, specifically in relation to the US context, vital topics were touched and discussed –  “How to build ownership in the communities that we impact” and “The DNA of a Social Entrepreneur and How It Applies To You”, amongst others.

Wishing UnLtd USA all the very best for many such trips further.


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