The reasons why Disruptors inspire me

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A post by Jason Menezes, he expresses his admiration for those whom he considers disruptors and so also revolutionaries. Read on to discover how he relates to them and seeks to “get on this disruptive journey”. Wishing him healthy disruption, hereby.

Everyone has someone they look up to in business or aspire to be like. For me, it is Richard Branson (obviously), Dhimaan Shah – founder of stylecracker , Sushrut Munje – founder of hammer and mop, Steve Jobs (you know him), Snighdha Manchanda Binjola – founder of tea trunk, Tyler Brûlé – founder of monocle, Vishen Lakhiani (founder of mindvalley) and a lot more. Each of these Disruptors inspire me for different reasons but before that let me explain the term in a simple language in the context of business.

Disruptors stand to gain by attacking the status quo and either do it with evolutionary or revolutionary approaches.

So, Richard Branson inspires me because he runs his businesses while having absolute fun with it and with a conscience, he is proof that positivity breeds positivity.

Dhimaan Shah, because he is an opportunist that sees the gap, fills it, and does it with style and creativity.

Sushrut Munje, because he built a business on the foundation of a never-heard-or-done-before element named ‘Customer Service’ and executes it with absolute empathy.

Steve Jobs, because he created new concepts before we knew we needed them, and sold us his vision of how a product should work possibly more effectively than any other in history.

Snighdha, because she is a dreamer and a passionate one, who stuck through it and did it with her expertise in storytelling.

Tyler, because he is a taste-maker who created a business out of things which really mattered to him – and it was friends, a nice house and traveling. Thus turning his vision – himself – into two successful businesses.

And finally, Vishen, because he is a strong believer of working on his employees personal and professional goals while helping them become entrepreneurs in the near future.

I have set out on a similar mission like these disruptors to realise my vision for something new in the content marketing industry without knowing what kind of business person I’ll become. Over some months while building my business, I realised that the ordinary approaches and methods won’t help and I need to change the industry.

I cannot wait to get on this disruptive journey with Daadiwala and share my learnings with you all!

P.S: The next diary entry should be written by Rishabh Gupta because his dedication towards fitness while running a promising business is very fascinating to me. I want to read his stories on the same.


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